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QRC (quick release coupling)

QRC (quick release coupling)

For radiator testing, the radiators used in the automobiles need to be tested for leakage. It is made of a single long aluminum tube having one inlet and one outlet. For testing, outlet end is required to be sealed and is pressurized from inlet. Actual testing time is less than 30 seconds. But sealing of one end & leak-proof inlet connections needs more than 3 minutes.

Replica Armani Shoes The inputs were as follows:

  1. Operation of connection and disconnection must be fast.
  2. There must be no leakages in the connection and seal.
  3. All pipe only had a circular rib.
  4. Pipe can be up to 0.4 mm ovality in diameter. The sealing must accommodate that ovality.
  5. There should be absolutely no markings on pipe OD or ID while clamping.

Solution – We developed two types of QRCs viz. Sealed for outlet and Sealed for inlet, with a O-ring which accommodate the ovality and gives perfect sealing; and for clamping, we provided a nylon collet which grips the aluminum pipe beyond the rib without leaving any marking on pipe.

Result – the testing efficiency increased from 60 units/shift to 400 units/shift.

This design has found many applications such as testing of plastic components, low pressure containers or hose nipple end connections.


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